Used ro industrial water purifier

One of the basic needs of humans is water, and to meet this need, humans have invented an industrial water purifier that you can get a second-hand RO sample according to your needs.
This device was built according to human needs in the agricultural sector and due to the impossibility of using salty sea water for agriculture, so that it can provide suitable water for agriculture on a large scale.

The ro symbol stands for reverse osmosis water purifier.
These types of devices are also called industrial desalination devices, which are responsible for converting non-fresh water or heavy water into drinkable water.

Second hand industrial water purifier

If you need a water purifier on a large and industrial scale and it is not possible to buy a new one, you can use different types of second-hand industrial water purifiers.
In this article, we briefly explain the important and basic points for buying this water purifier.
At first, you should determine the type of water entering the device and its amount, and then make the right purchase.
The second point is the specifications of the pre-purification pump or the sand filter of the device. The minimum pressure of this pump must be 4 bar. The performance of this pump is very important because it complements the high pressure pump of your device.
Pentax, Attack, Dieselsaz and Leo can be mentioned among the reliable brands of these types of pumps.
Another important thing that should be considered is the specifications of the high pressure pump of the device, which usually must have a pressure of 14 to 18 bar in 4 inch membranes and can withstand a pressure of 16 to 20 bar in 8 inch membranes.
You must pay attention to the fiber, spring and the sound that comes from the operation of the pump when buying, so that the bearings are not damaged.
When you buy the second-hand type of these devices, it is better to replace the membrane filter and replace it with the American Film tech or Lanxess models.

Second hand industrial water purifier

Digikala industrial water purifier

You must have seen water purifiers on various sites, especially Digikala.

These water purifiers are highly versatile.
Of course, let me remind you that the industrial water purifiers on our site are new and it is not possible to buy a second-hand device on this site.
Remember that the specifications of the device are very important when buying, and buy the right device according to your needs.
Get a device that has a lower price and better quality compared to other competitors in the market, and another important point is the after-sales service of the product, which is extremely important.

Industrial water purifier price

In Iran, due to the good reception of the water filter, you can find good prices in the market. economic conditions that are available in the country, it is not possible to consider an exact price for this product.
Apart from these contents, due to the high variety of devices with different models of osmosis pumps and filters, the price of these devices is very variable.

What is ro industrial water purifier?

Perhaps, while buying a water purifier, your eyes fell on the letters ro and you have a question about what an industrial ro water purifier is.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the ro symbol represents water purification devices that operate using the reverse osmosis method.
In this method, the water passes through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks the substances that are dissolved in the water, so we get purer water because the only thing that passes through this membrane is water molecules. .
Research in this field began in 1953, and with the advancement of technology in 1970, Filmtek was able to invent the RO membrane method, or reverse osmosis.

Small industrial water purifier

Water purification devices are classified into three categories based on volume: household, semi-industrial or small industrial, and industrial devices.
The water purification capacity of this model of devices is between 200 and 600 gallons per day, of which the 400-gallon model can be considered the best-selling type.
These devices have differences in structure, such as differences in pre-treatment filters or type of solenoid valve, brand of membranes, control systems, etc., which cause them to have different prices from each other.
These small industrial devices are mostly used in restaurants, factories and production workshops and even in universities.

Small industrial water purifier

What is an industrial water purifier?

Considering the fact that 70% of the earth is covered with water, the question may arise as to what is the need for an industrial water purifier.
Many of these waters are not suitable for consumption and we need a device that can solve this problem.
This technology was initially used by the US Navy to convert salty sea water into suitable drinking water for its troops.

Isfahan industrial water purification device
You can visit our agency in Isfahan for a suitable and reliable purchase of a home water purifier.
One of the points that must be observed when buying the device is the degree of hardness or salinity of the water, so the saltier the water, the more pressure is needed to pass the water through the membrane.
In devices that use the reverse osmosis system, the most key part of the device is the membrane filter, because it takes all the salts and impurities in the water and removes them to deliver pure water at the end.


25 cubic meter industrial water purifier

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology in Iran, we have been able to build an industrial water purification device with a capacity of 25 cubic meters, which is suitable for agriculture, poultry and animal husbandry, food industries and all kinds of factories, and even supplying drinking water to small residential towns.
These devices operate using the reverse osmosis method, which is able to remove many pollutants from water to deliver healthy and pure water.

800 gallon industrial water purifier

The criterion for classifying industrial water purification devices is their capacity, and a device with an output capacity of 800 gallons is classified as semi-industrial.
800 gallons can be considered almost equivalent to 3000 liters per day, which is a suitable capacity for a semi-industrial machine.
This device is usually used in places that need a large amount of purified water, such as restaurants, leech breeding centers or several residential units.

800 gallon industrial water purifier

Industrial water filter

In order to optimize and improve the quality of the output of water purification devices, most of the main large water purification filters use the reverse osmosis method in order to purify water with greater purity.
Also, the high variety of filters increases the quality of water, which can be referred to the following filters:
Slim fiber filter, granular carbon filter, active carbon filter, filmtech membrane and post carbon filter.

Isfahan industrial water filter

In order to obtain pure and clean water, industrial water filters must work properly.
For example, the hardness of Isfahan water is different from the hardness of Tehran water, and this itself can be the reason that the filters must be replaced at different times.
According to the degree of water hardness, you can get your own suitable device.

In the end, considering all the things that have been said, if you have any unanswered questions, it is better to contact our consultants in this field so that we can give you the best possible offer to buy the right device according to your needs and conditions. to give

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