Water purifier for Chah Sarshiri shop

There are different types of water purifiers available and you can use them for your shop, home and workplace. There are differences in the samples of Sarshiri or water wells or city water.

With the construction of water purification devices in recent years, almost any type of water quality problem can be solved by purchasing and installing one of these devices. The performance of all household water purifiers is the same and the filtration method, and their difference is in the type of filters used in them and the technology used in them.

The filters used in all types of water purifiers have different functions and applications, some of them are used to eliminate microbes and water chemicals, and others are used to improve the taste of water.

Water purifier for shop

Household water purifiers are produced in different brands. This water purifier can be used for shops or offices. Small household water purification devices use reverse osmosis technology and occupy little space and volume and are usually easier to install.

Depending on their application, different filters are used in their installation. Each filter has a specific task in the water purification process. In water purification devices, periodic service of the device and how to handle it are important principles that must be followed.

Well water purifier

Another example of a water purifier is a well water purifier. The difference between this type of device and the home purifier is in the type of filters used in it. Because the well water is not drinkable and it is mostly used for watering trees and other purposes, there is no need to use filters that are used to change the taste of water. In this model, devices are used more than filters that remove harmful water chemicals, impurities and microbes.

Sarshiri water purifier

Among the small examples of water purifiers, we can mention Sarshiri water purifier. This model of the purification device is installed directly on the water faucet and its filters are located inside the device itself. This model of the device does not need electricity to use, and it is very easy to install the wires, and they can be used for water purification at any time.

Sarshiri water purifier

These devices are able to remove all harmful and heavy water salts. The size of Sarshiri water purifier is very small. Water purification valves are closed instead of normal valves, and with this condition, this device can be installed on all types of faucets that are even low in height.

Wastewater treatment device

Among the industrial purification devices, we can mention the sewage water purification device. The working method and system of the wastewater treatment device is such that it has the ability to treat the wastewater that comes out of refineries, residential, commercial complexes, hospitals, etc.

Because the transfer of wastewater from these units to the location of treatment plants requires spending a lot of time and money, water and wastewater experts designed smaller packages for wastewater treatment to solve this problem. This system provides the ability to use the treated wastewater for reuse in different sectors of industry and agriculture.

Agricultural water purification device

Most of fresh water is used for irrigation in agriculture. Using an agricultural water purifier can solve this problem to a great extent. Part of the fresh water that can be used in the agricultural industry is supplied from underground sources, but underground sources are very limited and not always available.

By using the agricultural water purification device, it is possible to provide the water needed for agricultural purposes to a large extent. Farms and agricultural lands around the world have turned to using alternative methods to protect underground resources.

Car wash water purifier

Usually, all those who use a private vehicle expect that after washing it, water stains will not be seen on its body. The car wash water purifier can solve this problem and you will feel satisfied after washing your vehicle.

There are some home car washing machines that, by installing them on the tap or water hose, in addition to washing the vehicle, they also purify the water used. In larger car washes, an industrial purification device is usually used for this purpose in order to purify the salts in the water and prevent stains on the glass and car body.

Greenhouse water purifier

Small-scale agricultural water purification devices can be called greenhouse water purification devices.

Greenhouse water purifier

Usually, well water is used in greenhouses, and different types of purification devices can be used to purify well water depending on the size of the greenhouse and the area under cultivation. Usually, the devices in the greenhouses use the reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis filtration works in such a way that the dissolved solids are removed from the water in order to avoid interfering with the pH of the soil.

Muddy water purifier

This device is one of the new inventions in the water purification industry. The working method of the muddy water purification device is that when it rains and the water becomes muddy, it separates the mud from the water, and in normal times also, it separates the algae and all kinds of bacteria from the water, then after passing through UV filter and chlorination, the water resulting from this process becomes potable.

Due to the severe reduction of surface water resources in the country, water and sewage companies have put water supply from wells on their agenda. This type of purification device is a very suitable option for wells whose water is unusable.

Pool water purifier

Swimming pool water purification is a process through which you can ensure that the pool and water conditions are healthy. This operation is possible with the help of a pool water purifier. Proper purification of pool water keeps the water clear and prevents the transmission of infectious and contagious diseases and all types of microbes in the water.

A good pool water purification system continuously circulates and filters the water and prevents the growth of contaminants in the water. In this method, particles that are larger and larger are usually filtered by a filter. The rapid removal of pollutants that can be filtered causes effects in the purification system and reduces the need to use chlorine.

Pool water purifier

Jacuzzi water purifier

All the properties that are used in the pool purifier are also used in the jacuzzi water purifier. Usually, the growth of bacteria and viruses is accelerated in suitable and favorable temperature conditions for them, and jacuzzi water provides these conditions for bacteria and pathogenic agents due to the presence of suitable heat.

In addition, the temperature of the jacuzzi water and its heat causes sweat and increased perspiration in people, and the transfer of pollution in that volume of jacuzzi water increases. For this reason, it is very necessary and obligatory to use water purification devices in jacuzzis to reduce the transfer of pollutants in water and provide a suitable environmental condition.

Fish breeding pond water purifier

In aquaculture ponds, the use of a fish pond water purifier is very efficient and one of the obligations to create a suitable environment for fish. Usually, depending on their type, fish need different qualities of water in terms of solutes, oxygen, water pH, temperature, etc. for reproduction and longer life.

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