Trade and export of water purifiers + daily buying and selling prices

Long-term consumption of low-quality water causes various diseases, so many people have purchased water purifiers, as a result, the trade and export of this product has increased. If you are looking for information on the daily price of this device Stay with us until the end of the article so that we can guide you to make the right choice.

The things discussed in this article include: how the device works, introduction of different models, water purification steps, factors influencing the price of the product, essential points that you should know before buying, advantages and the best way to prepare this device. be

Business of water purifier

As mentioned, the water purifier is one of the products that has gained popularity among people and many people are engaged in the business of this product.

The way this device works is in two ways, which we will describe below.

Ultra filtration method: its operation is by means of several filters and without tank, electricity and pump. Devices that work with this method can remove coarse water particles, but the ions remain inside the water, this product is suitable for water in areas with a lot of sediments.

Reverse osmosis method: Unlike ultrafiltration, these devices have a pump and tank and work with electricity.

It removes harmful salts and water ions and has the ability to sweeten salt water.

The reverse osmosis method is the best method of water purification because it removes harmful salts and returns minerals that are useful for the body to the water, and this is the reason for its name.

Business of water purifier
Export of water purifier

Iran uses high-quality and standard parts in the manufacture of water purification devices and has the ability to export them to other countries.

There are different models of this device for export, which include: household, industrial, portable, three-stage and under-sink water purifiers.

The purpose of water purification is to separate pathogens and pollutants that cause many problems, the things that cause pollution in water include: hospital and factory wastewater, agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals and chlorine. Are.

The presence of the mentioned items in the water causes diseases such as digestive, renal, cardiovascular, liver and infectious diseases, which are no longer harmful to humans if the water is purified and its harmful substances are removed.

Export of water purifier

The stages of water purification are briefly based on the following:

Ion exchange system
Activated carbon grains stage
Sediment filter
Reverse infiltration system
Carbon blocking
Ultraviolet light disinfection step
Sediment treatment
Disinfection and ozone purification
Storage and circulation of excess ozone
Distribution of purified water

Price of water purifier

Due to the increase in the sales of water purifiers, various centers have started to supply this product, the prices of which are different.

Factors affecting the price of this product include the following:

The quality of the water treatment pump.
The number of pumps used in the device.
Checking the quality of electrical parts used in its construction, which includes: solenoid valves, adapters and filter switches.
The quality of the water pre-purification filter.
The number of filters combined with each other.

Buying a water purifier

In this part of the article, we are going to review the points that you should consider when buying a water purifier, these points will help you to get a suitable device.

It is better to know the following points before buying the device:

The product must have the certificate of the National Health Foundation, which is indicated by the abbreviation NSF.
have after-sales service and warranty.
Get the necessary information about the filter and spare parts of the product.
Be equipped with pump protection equipment.
Ask the seller about what kind of filters the machine needs.
Get a water purifier with a reputable brand.

Buying a water purifier

Daily sale of water purifier

Various stores and centers sell water purifiers at daily prices, but some of them offer this product at a more reasonable price, which we will discuss more about at the end of the article.

The advantages of this product include the following:

It causes the destruction of pollution, germs, mud, sand, heavy metals, bacteria and chlorine in water, which has a great effect on keeping the body healthy.
It reduces the hardness of water and improves its taste and smell.
A water purifier can be used as a water softener for areas where the water is salty.
Because the water is purified and clean, it has a positive effect on the skin and increases its freshness.
It is effective in reducing costs because you no longer need to buy mineral water.

Water purifier sales festival

A number of active centers in this field organize sales festivals for their products every once in a while and provide water purifiers at a more reasonable price to customers.

The best way to buy this product is through the website so that by removing the intermediaries, the product will reach you directly, which will reduce the price of the water purifier.

As mentioned above, one of the factors affecting the price of this device is the manufacturer’s brand. When preparing the product, you must be careful to buy an original device. Our collection is one of the most reliable distribution centers for all types of water purification devices in It is a country where you can buy it with peace of mind about the authenticity of the product.

To place an order and prepare this product, you can fill out the form on the site and you will be contacted as soon as possible, or you can call the number of the consultants of the collection.

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