Al-Kowsar water purifier

A company in Iran that had high sales in the past and sells the best water purification devices was Al-Kowsar Group.

Today, you see this brand much less often and it is almost rare, the reason for this is that it is completely assembled in Iran, and even many of its parts are produced in Iran, and only a few Chinese parts are included in it. It is used, but in the past it was produced in Taiwan and assembled in the UAE.

In the last decade, water purification devices belonged only to the government and factories, and few people used these devices, and the general public did not consider themselves to be in need of them, but with the passage of time and the increase in the level of well-being of most people, they felt the need to buy devices. Desalination increased and many people wanted this device in their homes and restaurants.

In fact, it can be said that the growth of great demand included the fact that at first commercial companies thought of solving this feeling of need in time, and in line with this idea, a large amount of this device entered Iran, which is usually produced in Taiwan. , Japan and Singapore, and later they were assembled in the UAE and Qatar, and gradually Iranian manufacturers began to work, and several large factories were produced in Iran, and until today, almost all the production of water desalination devices is produced in Iran. It is edited.

Pure Pro water purifier

Among the water purifiers, Pure Pro with 6 stages of filtering and the NSF certification of the United States of America is one of the best imported models of this type of device.

It should not be said that the lifespan of water softeners does not only depend on its quality, but it can be said that it also depends on how to use it. If you change the filters at the right time, the lifespan of your device will definitely increase You will not have a problem. Be sure to keep in mind that many of the defects that your device will have are the same. Some people think that changing the filter will not have any effect on the quality of purified water. This belief is completely wrong and the effect is very has a lot

Pure Pro water purifier

Takuman water purifier

Another water purification device that is imported to Iran is Tecomun, which is produced in Taiwan and is considered one of the best models in the world. The good thing about this product is that it has an exclusive representative in Iran and its counterfeit samples are in the market. Very few are available.

Today, many of the imported water desalination devices are made by Chinese companies, which are usually assembled in Iran, and a large number of these devices are produced in Iran.

water purifier b.u.t

Another brand available in the water purifier market in Iran is b.u.t. You can see different types of this product.

Usually, water softener devices can be divided into two types: domestic and industrial, which have different types and types in the market. You must have noticed that many people who have several families in their homes, such as apartments, use water softener devices. They use industrial desalination water, the reason for this can be considered the amount of water purification, which in industrial cases, the abundance of water is purified.

Relax water purifier

Among the old brands available in the Iranian market is the Relax water purifier, which was initially considered an imported product in Iran, and today it is an all-Iranian device, and even its accessories such as filters and washers are produced in Iran. At first, when the production of Iranian companies started, the quality was low, and little by little they were able to increase their quality and produce modern models according to the world market.

Relax water purifier

Zenod water purifier

Be sure to pay attention to the Zinod brand when buying a water purifier because it is available in the market with very strong valves and has strong connections.

CCCA water purifier

By now, you must have heard the name of the CCKA brand, which produces a large number of domestically produced water purifiers, and all its equipment from zero to one hundred belongs to this company.

CCKA Digikala water purifier

If you are looking to buy CCKA water purifier, you must have seen its price in Digikala.

This machine is one of the oldest examples of water desalination in Iran, which is mass produced in Iran after its localization and conversion to domestic production.

CCKA Digikala water purifier

CCCA water purifier model gold 7s

Among the other models of the CCKA water purifier, we can mention the gold 7s model, which facilitates the operation of the device due to its automatic auto-flush, and this option is because it washes the desalination membranes to In case of clogging and deposits, remove it so as not to put pressure on the machine’s engine.

Another positive feature of this type of device is that it has a 16 kg antibacterial tank.

Xiaomi water purifier

Nowadays, with the intelligentization of the Xiaomi water purifier, many of its options are up to date and you can get the best services at the most reasonable prices. For example, these devices have digital hands that show the purity of water and salts. It is so that you can easily and timely replace the filters by observing this hand.

Phoenix water purifier

Due to the pollution in some cities, water purifiers with different brands are used, such as the Phoenix brand, and its use in cities with calcareous and salty water is actually mandatory because the water in these areas is not drinkable. And if they drink, they will get kidney stones and even bladder stones after a while.

Flare water purifier

In fact, most of Fler’s products are industrial water purification devices that you can see in factories and stores. The main difference between these devices is that very strong filters are used in these devices so that they can purify a large volume of water and receive more salts so that they do not enter drinking water.

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