Ketno water purifier

In this article, we intend to provide you with information about different types of Ketno, General Electric, Hygienic, Damand, Imran Sazan Mehtab water purifiers, etc.

The first question that concerns most people’s minds when they see this article is when was the water purifier made or what is the history of this product in general?

As we know, in the past, most people chose to live near different types of water channels in order to have easy access to water, but even though there was enough water next to them, they were always involved in the optimal quality of water and one of the methods They used different methods for the surface treatment of water, and in these methods, the bad smell, bad taste, etc. are removed from the water.

But over time, these people realized that water pollution is not the only thing that they see with their eyes or understand by tasting the water and its different taste, but they must look for a basic solution to eliminate the microbes in the water. .

For the first time, water purification was done 4000 years ago, which, of course, was done with very mundane methods in order to eliminate the microbes and diseases in the water. We will introduce some of these methods:

Charcoal was used to filter and improve water quality in the past.
One of the most common ways to filter water in the past was to expose it to sunlight to kill various microbes.
Even in some materials, to purify the water, it is boiled and different metals are placed inside it to purify the water.
The Egyptians also used the sorum method to purify water, and put alum metal into boiling water to purify the various salts.

This procedure continued until Jabarban Hayan, who is one of the most famous Iranian chemists, discovered the distillation method for purifying water, which is still used in laboratory cases today.

The first urban water purification took place in Scotland in 1804 using a horse and cart.

Many different methods have been used to purify water until today, until we reached today’s very powerful water purification devices that can remove all microbes from water.

General Electric water purifier

One of the best-selling types of water purifiers in the market is General Electric, which most people are looking to buy.

Hygienic water purifier price

One of the best water purifiers in the price range of this product is the hygienic water purifier, because all the parts of this device are approved by the world’s best dealers and you can buy it with full confidence.

This device has a mixing valve that is of excellent quality and you can adjust it according to the level of performance you want from the device.

If you have noticed, one of the problems that most water purifiers have is the irregularity of the piping system, which has greatly affected their purity and appearance, but in this device, the piping system is extremely precise and orderly and beautiful. It multiplies.

Damavand water purifier

Most of the water purifiers you see in different homes are Damavand models because this brand of water purifier is very famous and trendy.

Damavand water purifier

Imran Sazan Mehtab water purification device

Mehtab Imran Sazan Group is one of the largest producers of all kinds of water purifiers, water softeners, etc.

Fluoride water purifier

When you use different water purifiers, they remove different particles that are in the water, such as fluoride in the water or lead, chlorine, etc. from the water.

Flastek alkaline water purifier

If you want the water purifier that you buy to be of excellent quality, we recommend you the Flastek alkaline water purifier because this device is produced in Taiwan and sent directly to our country.

Flastec company has always been one of the best companies in the world, whose products are appreciated by different people, that’s why the water purifier of this company can be called a masterpiece, which even among the products of this collection has an extraordinary quality. And the best and most up-to-date types of filter breakers are used in this device.

This filter continues to work continuously for more than 1.5 years, unlike other examples of alkaline water purifiers available in the market, which have a short life.

Philips water purifier

As mentioned above and we all know that water is full of harmful substances that must be purified before using water. One of the best ways to purify water is to use a Philips water purifier.

Guaranoosh water purifier

One of the collections that works privately in the field of water purification is the Guaranoosh collection, the water purification devices of this collection are also available in the market and can be purchased.

Lindor water purifier

If you want to buy a water purifier for your home or office, we suggest you buy a Lindor water purifier.

This group produces and offers different types of water purifiers, packages and water heaters to the market.

Milano water purifier

With a simple search related to all types of water purifiers, you can see the Milano model in the list of the best water purifier models.

Milano water purifier

Vetek water purifier

If you are looking to buy water purifiers, you can see different types of this product in Vetec brand and make your purchase according to the quality and price you want.

Water purifier system
The presence of fittings with very high pressure as well as a 15-liter water storage tank are among the features of the Water System water purifier, which makes them choose among different types of water purifiers.

Hydra water purifier

In this part of the article, we will introduce some of the wonderful features of the Hydra water purifier:

This type of water purifier can have 7 stages with a unique Alkan filter that helps increase the level of minerals in the water.
One of the most obvious filters you hear about these days is the membrane protector, which helps extend the life of your device by acting as a guard against mud.
In the previous case, we talked about the 7-stage membrane filter, which 8-stage and 9-stage models are also available and can be included among the options of Hydra devices. This 8-stage product can separate all water impurities. And it is mostly used for times when their drinking water has a lot of impurities, the 9-stage model is the same as the 8-stage model, which can even remove the salts in the water, and the only difference between these two types is a Another is the existence of a UV lamp in this type of filter.

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