2000 liter home solar desalination device

Today, in the modern science of the world, scientists are looking for products that are friendly to the environment, and solar products are one of the types of these products. Now, in order to achieve this, this collection has started to supply a variety of brands of 2000 liter solar home water desalination devices and relying on It supplies these products on a large scale to the domestic force and science of the native youth of our country, which is in line with the realization of the goals of supporting domestic production. It works, stay with us in the rest of this article to learn more about the types of this product and how to buy it.

There are different types of solar water desalinators, which are classified according to their size and according to the way the device works. The two main types of this product are divided into single-stage and multi-stage types based on the purification process. Multi-stage models, due to the saltiness of the water in the installation area, it is necessary for the purification process to take place in several stages.

Solar desalination device
As it was said, these products work differently from other desalinators, in the solar desalination device, the salt water that enters the device passes under the glass plates that are heated by sunlight, and at this stage With the evaporation of salt water and other particles dissolved in water, it is collected in the chamber under the device and the filter part, and then the evaporated water returns to the collection container, where it turns into a liquid again and into the pipes. The building’s water returns.

Keep in mind that in these devices, you can get four liters of purified water per day for every square meter of solar absorber plate, so to get more amounts of purified water, it is necessary to use devices with larger sizes and more area of ​​solar panels. be prepared

Other advantages of these products can be mentioned below:

Reducing the cost of water and saving on the consumption of this vital liquid in conditions of dehydration
Not requiring an operator to maintain the product after installation and how to use it easily
Ability to be carried separately and easy to build and repair on site
Production of pure and fresh water without the need for any artificial energy and only with the free energy of the sun
No need for specialized and complex tools and equipment to launch the product
Also, as mentioned, solar desalination consists of separate parts that are assembled during the installation of these parts and the device is made on site, and they also have different types, including reflective, wick, stair, chimney devices. , all-center pipe and active desalination.

Home water softener

These eco-friendly devices and their household examples, i.e. solar home water desalination devices, are generally criticized because of their high prices, but it should be kept in mind that people who buy this product actually pay extra after They are safe, in other words, unlike normal household water softeners, they do not need to change the filter anymore, and it is enough to empty the salt tank of these devices manually from time to time, which does not cost the consumer. In other words, although you have to pay more money when you buy these devices, after that you don’t need to pay again monthly for the device and the product will work for you for a lifetime.

Another reason that makes people turn to this product is being environmentally friendly and saving water, remember that in normal water softeners, one liter of water is desalinated for every three liters of water. water is purified, but this rate is much lower in these devices, and in other words, even the water purification rate of these devices is close to one due to the low amount of dissolved substances in untreated urban water, which is considered economical. goes and causes the water cost of the building or the complex that uses this product to be reduced, which in the long run will reduce large financial amounts.

Home water softener

2000 liter water desalination machine

These products are usually produced and supplied in different sizes, the 2000 liter water softener and water pump is one of the most popular and widely used of these products, this device is generally used for centers and multi-storey buildings and arcades due to its size and high water volume. It can also be used, in addition to preventing the high cost of replacing filters and repairing normal devices that happen frequently and continuously in these normal centers, it can also reduce their water consumption and help in the current water shortage in our country. .

Also, the people who intend to buy and sell these products should note that these devices are mostly cost-effective in places that are hot and the cost of water transportation is high, so the main market of these products is in the warm and southern cities of the country, such as Sistan. and Balochistan, Yazd and Kerman, but the issue that should not be hidden from the eyes of the traders of this product is the wide export market of these products, considering that Iran’s neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are always facing the problems of water shortage and purified water. Exporting to these countries, in addition to its high human value, can bring large commercial profits if the export path is followed correctly.

2000 liter water desalination machine

Therefore, customers who intend to reduce water consumption and also take a one-time and permanent action to purify the water of their place of residence or work can directly and without intermediaries buy this product from a major supplier, for this purpose It is enough to enter the home page of this collection and enter your name and contact number in the box on that page so that the sales consultants of the collection will contact them as soon as possible and register the sales order.

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